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The Headland National Bank Now HNB FIRST.

HEADLAND – Don McClendon, Chairman of the Board of The Headland National Bank, today announced the bank has adopted a new name, HNB FIRST, effective April 1, 2014. The name change was necessitated by the Headland-based bank’s move from a national banking charter to a state banking charter.
The state banking charter is also effective on April 1, and brings to a conclusion efforts by bank management to make the change. Even though the bank will operate under a new charter it will still be governed by the same guidelines but by different agencies. Management believes that this will give HNB FIRST greater flexibility to grow in future years. “Clearly, HNB FIRST is an adaptation of Headland National Bank”, McClendon explained. “And as we position this bank for future growth and prosperity, this was the appropriate time to adopt a new name that wouldn’t limit us geographically.”
Dwight Gamble, HNB FIRST President/CEO, noted that customers should embrace the name change as “a new name for an old friend.”
“In general terms, people resist change but this is truly a change of name only,” he explained. “There is no change in the ownership, management or staff of the bank. Our locations, accounts and services and unique brand of true community banking are the same as our customers have come to know and to appreciate.”
Gamble said the name change provides a greater measure of flexibility, citing “banks that don’t keep an eye on the future are destined to be less prosperous”.
“Our Board and management team believe that, as HNB FIRST, we will be in a far more advantageous position to open new locations in the future,” he noted. “And while Headland will always be our home, we cannot properly prepare for the future without considering the possibility of branching in the days ahead.”
He went on to say that the name change would be essentially seamless for the bank’s customers. “As personal or business banking supplies diminish and it’s time to order new checks, deposit slips and more, our new logo will appear on the new order. Until that time, however, our customers may certainly continue to use their existing checks and other products. As debit cards or credit cards reach expiration date, replacement cards will also reflect our new name and logo.”

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